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About BarRat

Time to play a little game.
Which of the following statements is FALSE about BarRat?

  1. When he was in year 4, BarRat once won an award at school for having “neat hair”.
    To this day BarRat believes he only received this because he hadn’t won a thing up until that point in his life.
  2. BarRat got kicked out of a Robbie Williams TRIBUTE SHOW – yes not even the real Robbie! Reason he got out? Was having too much fun and the people at the RSL (In Sydney) didn’t appreciate his enthusiasm!

    Why was he so excited? Because 2 hours before the show he’d won THREE meat trays in the Friday night meat raffles!
  3. Once appeared in a Killing Heidi video clip – the song was “Weir” (their first big hit). For a brief period of time BarRat and Ella Hooper (lead singer) were an item and they needed an extra in the film clip. If you pause the video clip at 2:12 in, you’ll see BarRat in the background having a cup of coffee. BarRat still bangs on about the fact it only took him ONE TAKE to film that shot!

Which one isn’t real???
It’s (3), although he’d like it to be true.

About Juelz

Juelz grew up in the outback of western NSW and spent most of her childhood pig chasing and rabbit hunting, living off the land.  Fun loving, down to earth, loves a good laugh and will take on any challenge given.

As of  Jan 2022, she is 34 years old, single (not desperate, but the desperation may change after 35), has never been married and has no kids – much to her mums despise. She is an amazing devoted aunty to her three nieces, Nasha, Nadia and Andy.

She started off her radio career 8 years ago when she was the radio station cleaner. Her passion for radio has taken her right across the country and given her so much life experience.

After the show you can find her in the gym, at the beach and at a bar sipping on Jalapeno Margaritas. In that order.

She loves:

  • Passionate people
  • Sunday breakfasts
  • Iced long blacks

She hates:

  • Rude people
  • Hot Tomato
  • Being told to calm down

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