Jess’s Kanye West VS Taylor Swift Theory will BLOW YOUR MIND

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Jess’s Kanye West VS Taylor Swift Theory will BLOW YOUR MIND

Look I know I probably need better things to do with my time than think about.. let alone write a blog about a Taylor Swift, Kardashian West conspiracy theory… however this is what I reckon:

Taylor Swift, Kanye and Kim are all in this together! And my thought is Taylor approached Kanye… or Kanye approached Taylor with the idea to change her image from a nice country singer to a feisty dominant female that rules the charts.

And collectively they have pulled off the biggest publicity stunt of the decade. An ongoing feud where each action helps the other person and creates headlines.

These people are master manipulators and calculators of their own image. The Kardashian clan alone have made a multibillion dollar empire from not doing much. People get annoyed because they’re ‘talentless’ they aren’t talentless they’re freaking genius’s. They can’t sing, act or runway model, yet they have created an empire from their savvy marketing and brand building abilities. ….. GENIUS!

In my opinion, Kanye is profiting from Taylors success. He seems to be doing a lot of sledging that is directly helping her more than himself in really weird but also strategic times, like when Taylor is releasing/promoting an album?!?!?! It doesn’t make sense from someone smart. Yes, you could go with the theory that Kanye’s loose and doesn’t think of the consequences, however, since when? Since about 5 years ago when this feud began.

Exhibit a: Overnight, Kim posts this pic on Twitter of her on set of Kanye’s ‘famous’ set where there was a naked Taylor Swift lookalike. WHICH WAS RELEASED IN JUNE 2016!!! Which infuriated fans, as they posted the snake emoji (the symbol for Taylor Swifts tour that she announced 72 hours prior to this Tweet being posted) SLOPPY KIM SLOPPY…. Give the tour enough time to breath and ramp up the publicity for her tour with a tweet. May I remind you Kim, you are a very smart cookie. Taylor Swift’s reputation tour is based purely around your feud with yourself and Kanye. So any marketing cert 3’er would know not to give it any attention at all! You can’t scratch your bottom without the newspapers writing about it, so you knew this would be in the news… of course with Taylor’s tour dates splashed on the bottom of the articles!

Exhibit B: An anonymous tip off to a major American tabloid paper, pointed out that Taylor Swift dropped her new album on the same date Kanye West’s mother had passed away from complications from cosmetic surgery. The outcome?

KACHING KANYE! KACHING!  That anonymous source wouldn’t have been you by any chance?


Exhibit C:

When Kanye released “Famous”, Taylor was furious! How dare he write that stuff about her!

1st headline, promoting Kanye’s new single and elevating her own reputation as being dissed…. BUT HELLO HANG ON…… she bloody knew about it according to a video posted by Kim, that she happened to conveniently record… because you know… Kim video records everything Kanye does (weird stage 5 clinger much, or just convenient?) Thing is, the video was recorded like it was recorded for publicity reasons. There’s a little footage of Kanye, then the phone and then Kanye… if TMZ had a brief for celeb goss leaked videos it was followed down to a tee!

So then there’s another headline for Kanye’s single ‘YOU BEAUTY!’

But then if this story couldn’t be squeezed for life any further Taylor Swift explains she’d like to be left out of the narrative….. Which she then used in a song that is aimed purely at Kanye West….. Which again keeps Kanya relevant and his song played.

There’s a million more example however I am hungry and you get my point. If you’re into it and onto it… every time you see them in the headlines it’s easy to see. Because really…. They are each other’s best marketing platforms.

They don’t hate each other! They freaking LOVE each other! If you listen to the phone call between Taylor and Kanye they are talking like old friends and VERY rehearsed!

Have a good day friends


PS – If you see my husband I want a voucher to bras and things for Christmas.

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