MAFS: Is 1000 sexual partners is too many?

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MAFS: Is 1000 sexual partners is too many?

As ratings for Married at First sight television series continue to soar, newlyweds continue to fizzle.

At Sunday night’s commitment ceremony Davina Rankin threw in the towel on ‘husband’ Ryan Gallagher saying, “You are the absolute life of the party and you make everyone’s smile and it’s definitely bittersweet to be leaving Ryan. Ryan is so lovable, I know he’s going to have no trouble in the outside world finding himself his Sheila, his farm girl.”

Sean decided to leave his ‘wife’ Blair after she voted to stay with him despite his personal baggage. How many sexual partners did he have again? Wasn’t it like 200? Remember how shocked Blair was to find this out?

Nasser and Gabrielle have called it quits. Nasser also admitted he no longer has any sexual chemistry with his ‘wife’ at Sunday night’s commitment ceremony.

Nasser has revealed to NW magazine that he has apparently slept with over 1000 women. “There were heaps of groupies. It was rock and roll, sex and late nights,” he says.

How many sexual partners is too many? 5? 20? 1000? Does sex become less meaningful after you’ve slept with a certain amount of people?


Does sleeping with hundreds or thousands of partners ruin it for future relationships or is sex just sex? What do you think?




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