Thoughts I shouldn’t have when sleep deprived. Am I a bad person?

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Thoughts I shouldn’t have when sleep deprived.

As every parent will tell you, there are times when getting enough shut eye at night just doesn’t happen. That’s why fathers get grumpy, otherwise they’d be next to perfect wouldn’t they? Mothers go on, have a laugh!

There are times your kids won’t sleep. Because they’re sick, teething, over tired, not tired enough, constipated, hungry, thirsty, playful, bored, happy, sad and the list goes on. In fact, any reason is good enough in their opinion. Getting them to sleep can take so long too that you’ll question whether you should take them to the doctor to get checked. Is there something wrong with them?

Not to mention the stalling tactics employed by the smart little buggers. Harry, our older one is just trying his best collection out on us now. Yep, we’re talking drink refills, books, nappy changes, food, etc… Unlike my patience, his stalling tactics are endless. I’m not even mad, that’s pretty good for a 2 year old. I’m actually impressed!

Then once they are finally in la la land, other things happen. This is where frustration seeps in.

Oh your kid’s down for a nap? Time for the neighbour to mow the lawn, the delivery guy to ring the doorbell and for the birds to start chirping right outside your front door. A couple of months ago, I sacrificed one of my favourite shoes to throw at the bird sitting on the gutter chirping like he’d just won the lottery! Don’t laugh! When you’re in my situation, you’ll probably even curse the neighbour for sneezing in their own home, just because it nearly woke up your kid. I have. I regularly get angry at the cat for meowing when the kids have just gone down. I swear under my breath when one of the neighbours do that cheesy beep to say bye as they drive off down the road. Am I a bad person? I’m sorry. I haven’t slept very well for 2 years, it’s my turn to be grumpy.


Last night wasn’t a great night sleep for various reasons which I won’t bore you with. So today on my way to work, I was so tired that I found myself thinking of places I could hide for an hour just for a nap.

It’s amazing what you can come up with on the way to work after a terrible night sleep.

When people tell me at work, “you look tired”, my response is, “I’ve got 2 kids, this is just my face now”

At the risk of sounding like the grinch of parenthood, I just need to say 1 more thing. I hate birds, cats, dogs, delivery guys, the wind, rain, cars, horns and any other sound that I can hear when the kids are trying to sleep.


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