Elly & Taz

Weekdays 3pm-6pm

Elly & Taz are in an eternal struggle to prove who’s funnier, so expect gags galore on your drive home.

They’re like brother and sister, with a sledge or two being thrown around pretty regularly but deep down, there’s a lot of love!

About Elly

There’s a longstanding rumour around the office that Elly was given the nickname “Gags Chaney” at a previous workplace because she was “so funny”. We think she gave it to herself… For a woman in her thirties who’s barely got her life together though, she can tell a story – although you’ll never know where it’s going to go!

Elly’s Insta: @elly.chaney

About Taz

Taz grew up on the Sunshine Coast, spending weekends as a kid at Olympia Theme Park and then as an adult at Fridays & The Helm. He’s one of the Coasties who still remembers the smell of the old Nambour Sugar Mill!

Taz’s Insta: @tazeriksen

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