Jess and Norm Put Their Hearts into a Different Sort of Cause

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Jess and Norm Put Their Hearts into a Different Sort of Cause

The 2018 season of Nine’s The Block has seen Jess Eva and Norm Hogan win over viewers everywhere with their down-to-earth charm and Aussie sense of humour.

But the loveable larrikins have a serious side, too.

The Sunshine Coast couple are throwing their support behind the ‘Polished Man’ campaign, which encourages Australians to donate funds for children who are at risk or are affected by violence.

To spread the message of ending violence against young people, the ‘Blockheads’ will each be painting a nail blue.

As parents to two young children – Freddy, four, and Matilda, one – the pair didn’t need any convincing to get involved with the cause.

“We’ve got young lads of our own and I can’t imagine how any parent or person could ever want to hurt a child,” Norm says.

“They’re so young and they can’t defend themselves so the idea of them being attacked is horrific.
For a child to grow up not feeling love or happiness, that’s just not fair, but for them to be victimized, that can’t keep on. That’s why we’re painting a nail – to show that we won’t be quiet on the issue of violence against children.”

Credit: 9Honey

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