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Radio First

This is an event that is a small step for you, but a giant leap forward for your Business!

At one of our free marketing seminars learn the importance of a structured Brand Marketing Strategy for your business, and how radio can play an important part in it’s success.

Don’t get caught up in the advertising minefield. At 91.9 Sea FM we get it and help hundreds of businesses just like yours stand out from the crowd.

Like Jerry from Kelwin Coastal Carpets:
“I’m Jerry from Kelwin Coastal Carpets. The team from 91.9 are a fantastic team to work with. They’re so enthusiastic, they’re so positive and they’ll bend over backwards to make sure your campaign gives you what you want it to give you”

Don’t wait any longer, contact the 91.9 Sea FM team to find out more about Radio advertising at one of our upcoming marketing seminars.

Monday 14th October Caloundra
Tuesday 15th October Noosa
Wednesday 16th to Friday 18th October Alexandra Headlands

Buckle Up and Book your SEAT with your Account Manager today or Register below and get ready for lift off!


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