Red Cross Flooding

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Red Cross Flooding

With the devastating floods effecting North Queensland and Townsville, there has been absolute chaos, with flood waters wrecking homes and causing hundreds of millions of dollars of damage to property.

The Redcross are at the forefront and have decades of experience in caring for people affected by emergencies.

Your donation means Red Cross can:

– Train staff, aid workers and volunteers to be ready to respond as soon as a disaster strikes in A
Australia and overseas
– Teach and support communities in disaster-prone regions to better prepare for disasters.
– Help affected communities to recover from emergencies – in outback towns, metropolitan cities or
small Pacific islands – whether you hear about it in the news or not
– Train and send specialist aid workers to assist local Red Cross volunteers and staff in countries
affected by major disasters
– Maintain stocks of critical disaster response equipment including water filtration, shelter,
hygiene and cooking kits for use in emergencies.

Donate now to assist those in need at:

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