The Block teams feud: ‘They’re dead to us’

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The Block teams feud: ‘They’re dead to us’

Best Block mates Courtney and Hans, and Jess and Norm, part ways this week when a move kills their friendship. Things turn sour when Courtney and Hans decide Jess and Norm can’t put support beams for the pool on their terrace.

‘Obviously, we’d formed a really wonderful friendship with Norm and Jess, but we had a look at how it would affect our apartment,’ Courtney tells New Idea.

‘And our agent pointed out that it would be quite negative for buyers.’

While she doesn’t regret her decision, Courtney wishes she’d dealt with the situation better.

‘Looking back, I would’ve handled it differently and been more upfront. We should’ve taken them for a beer and discussed it. But emotionally it took a toll. We were both very upset.’

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