Foz & Brooke

Weekdays 5am-9am


Foz & Brooke take the spotlight on 91.9 SEA FM’s Big Breakfast!

Step into 2024 with a bang as we unveil 91.9 SEA FM’s sensational new Big Breakfast with Foz &

Meet Foz (Luke Forrest), a charismatic young Dad and former SCA radio talent from Triple M Melbourne,
now a podcasting extraordinaire. His knack for storytelling and laid-back charm makes him an easy-going
bloke who treasures life’s simple pleasures – from cricket and surfing, to beach strolls and a cold beer.
Brooke, our Sunny Coast local born and bred, is all about soaking up the vibrant atmosphere. Whether
socialising with friends, beachside hangouts, or exploring new corners of the Sunny Coast, she’s your go-to
girl for a good time.

Together, Foz & Brooke bring their infectious laughter and storytelling prowess to SEA FM’s Big Breakfast,
promising listeners a refreshing start to every day. Imagine beginning your morning commute with laughter
and smiles – that’s the magic they’ll deliver.
Ben Erbsland, Head of Content at 91.9 SEA FM, expresses his excitement: “Luke Forrest and Brooke Smith
are two incredible talents with passion and attitude perfect for the new breakfast show on 91.9 SEA FM.

Like two great mates chatting at a bar, this show will never be short of laughs. I can’t wait to get started on Feb 12.”

“The chemistry between Foz & Brooke was immediate and exciting, we are looking forward to the Big
Breakfast continuing the strong brand of 91.9 SEA FM here on the Sunny Coast.” Simon Rub, CEO
This brand-new show, featuring fresh talent, kicks off with SEA FM’s Big Breakfast every weekday from 5am
on Monday 12th February. Tune in for the biggest hits, uproarious laughter, and fantastic giveaways –
tailor-made for the Sunny Coast, only on 91.9 SEA FM.

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