Self Events Co are for women who want to be surrounded by other like-minded women wanting the very best for themselves.

Noticing a gap in the market for like-minded women to come together to celebrate wins, discuss challenges and support one another to feel like their best self. Self Events inspire, connect, educate and provide opportunities for collaboration on the Sunshine Coast.

Tune into Juelz and Seamus as they chat bi-monthly to Tara from The Self Events Co – Supporting and empowering young women right here on the Sunshine Coast!

Upcoming Events:

July 9th | Sunday Self Care | AOU Studios

Learn more about our hormonal health as women (that we weren’t necessarily taught growing up!) and gain inspiration from two incredible women who empower their clients to feel their absolute best. We’ll dive into the impact of life’s ups and downs, like stress and chronic illness, on our well-being. Learn the importance of understanding our cycles and letting go of the guilt and pressure we often put on ourselves. This event is a gentle reminder that self-care is not selfish, but an essential part of our lives as women.

September 16th | The Self Events Co Conference | Pier 33

A half day conference (the Self Events kind!), with 3-4 speakers covering a range of topics including mindfulness, mindset, personal brand, financial empowerment and overcoming imposter syndrome from some incredible women who will leave us feeling empowered as we finish with a gorgeous lunch upstairs at Pier 33.

November | Self Sunset Drinks | Date & Venue to be confirmed

Following the success of the 2022 event where the focus was on reigniting our spark after feeling burnout, the 2023 event will focus on the importance of speaking about our mental health challenges and knowing that the Self community is one where we know we can lean on one other for the hard days and celebrate the good with the bad!

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