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BarRat & Heidi for Breakfast

Weekdays 5.30 - 9.00

Don't miss BarRat & Heidi, and their resident NRL Brisbane Broncos star Jack Reed are getting together every week to chat all things rugby league in their brand new segment “NRL Wrap with BarRat & Heidi”. All thanks to Jim's Mowing .

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And heading into the weekend, there's BarRat & Heidi’s Plays of the Week.

Meet Heidi

Heidi is a Sunshine Coast girl, born and bred.

You might think you know her from Channel 9’s Married at First Sight, but we bet you don’t know this stuff!

Heidi went to Buderim Mountain Primary School and Maroochydore State High.

She first began her radio career in 2003 and in 2005 she won MTV’s Search for a VJ which saw her hosting the music show Total Request Live.

Heidi is also a qualified Beauty Therapist, Make up Artist and Holistic Health Coach (yes…she likes to keep herself busy!)

She loves…

  • space – the planets and all that stuff
  • turf (it’s lush and green and smells like summer apparently)
  • the beach
  • Avatar
  • salt – double extra salt on everything
  • Michael Bolton (Umm…OK)
  • humidity (might be a curly hair thing?)
  • And love. Heidi loves love!

Finally, do you know what we at 91.9 SEA FM love?

We love Heidi.

... and BarRat.

Does anyone really care that I go for Manly, I live in Buderim, I like any tune with a guitar in it and my favourite colour is blue? I don’t know.

Truth is I’ve found this killer bio written by Seth Troxler who’s a world renowned DJ – it’s a belter. So in an attempt to make my bio “pop” I’ve flogged it and just changed a few things to make it sound like it’s about me (when clearly it isn’t).

So ladies and gentlemen  - here’s the Seth Troxler BarRat bio:

 “Through a leaking bodily cavity resembling the pork found in Chinese restaurants, his mum punched out a crystal beaming with glowing red embers. This crystal matured into the foetus of Seth Troxler BarRat.

Seth BarRat was placed on earth as a weeping foetus, the sound of inevitability. As he grew, his ancestral roots took on a magnetic channelling power, more than his feeble mind could ever consciously fathom.

His influences include the chirping of crickets, Psy, the whirring of space ships, the smell of freshly mowed lawn, and the sweet sounds of whistling voodoo magic people shouting out “JENGA”.

However, Seth BarRat draws the majority of his inspiration from Robert Downey Jr  Stefan Dennis (Paul Robinson in neighbours).

Also, Seth BarRat enjoys cooking discovering new beer, long walks on the beach, naps and candle lit dinners reheating pizza.”


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