BT - Weekdays 9am -3pm

The newest member of the SEA FM team is also our Queen of Hits.

BT lives Hit Music (she even studied it at Uni! … but she assures us, what really started everything was watching video clip countdowns on Saturday mornings from a young age ha).

BT is also the  coolest member of the team who manages to boss the music while raising 3 little legends in Peregian!

About Me

Born and bred in the dimly lit lights of Maryborough, Queensland, I grew up glued to TV music countdowns and attempting to wakeboard, as well as having a lot of laughs with my many many siblings.

I got out of Mbrah at 17 and headed to Sydney to study music, returned back to the glorious Mbrah at 20 and randomly started on air as that promo chick in the car with giveaways.

From there I got given my own Saturday morning show, got a radio gig in Bris Vegas for a bunch of years, got married, went to Gladstone, had kids, and loonnnng story short (I am also a qualified Medical Scientist), we finally moved to our dream home: the Sunny Coast (STOKED).

So, bunch of things - been there, done that, got the t-shirt (but I prefer the man sized singlet). Can’t wait to chat to you, and play your favourite banger!! BT XX

Listen To Win!