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Elly & Becks are in an eternal struggle to prove who’s funnier, so expect gags galore between 3pm and 6pm, all thanks to Kawana Surf Outlet! They’re like brother and sister, with a sledge or two being thrown around pretty regularly but deep down, there’s a lot of love!

Elly’s interests are varied, from a deep love of all things water-related to an affinity for rapping, you never really know what you’ll get! If you don’t find her down at Mooloolaba Beach, you’ll find her playing netball, watching Netflix or treating herself to a Coke Zero and a cheeseburger... Or a beer, depending on the time of day. She’s witty, goofy and will talk your ear off if you give her a chance!

Becks was born for this job.  A proud Queensland larrakin, he loves a chat as much as he loves his cricket and footy.  Married to the love of his life and proud dad to a kelpie, Becks will have you saying “did he just say that??”  He’s a passionate, but terrible angler and is planning on joining every single surf club on the coast!

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10 Questions to get to know Elly & Becks better.

1. Do you think of yourself as being Naughty or Nice?

Elly: Nice. I’m scared of getting in trouble and I can’t lie, which is very detrimental to my prank-pulling ability.
I’d like to think I’m a nice guy, with a naughty streak.

2. What Are Your 3 Favourite Movies?

Elly: Bridesmaids, Mean Girls and that’s about all I’ve seen to be honest!
Becks:  Best in Show, Rush Hour, Inglorious Bastards

3. If You Could Shop For Free At One Store, Which One Would You Choose?

Elly: Coles. I’m practical. 
Becks: Bunnings or BCF?

4. Who is your hall pass?

Elly: Ryan Reynolds and/or Hugh Jackman. Oh, or this dude at a servo I saw recently.
Becks: Kate Beckinsale

5. Which Is Better—A Novel Or A Movie?

Elly: I love a good book at the beach but overall, movies!
Becks: I don’t have an attention sp... sorry what?

6. If You Could Read Minds, Whose Would You Want To Read?

Elly: Probably my boss so I can pick the right time to ask for a pay rise.
Becks: My Blue Heeler x Kelpie, man I’d love to hear her stories!

7. Have you ever eaten Pet Food?

Elly: No, but my brothers did force me to kiss the dog once. I don’t want to talk about it.
Becks: Once.. The dog dared me to...

8. What Is The Funniest Thing You You Have Ever Seen A Stranger Do?

Elly: Once I saw someone shielding the sun with a $100 note. I hate that person for being so rich.
Becks: I’ve seen a bloke making out with lamp post..  He was at second base…

9. Do you finish your popcorn before the movie starts?

Elly: Maybe three quarters of it? The rest I leave on standby in case I get hangry throughout.
Becks: Mine, my wife’s and the bloke in front of me

10. Do You Put The Toilet Paper Roll On The Right Way Or The Murderer Way?

Elly: I don’t know which way is the murderer way so if I don’t know that, does it mean I’m a murderer?
Becks: I’m gonna cop it for saying this, but I don’t care which way it goes.

If you want to learn more about Elly & Becks, try stalking them on Instagram:
Elly's Insta: @elly.chaney
Becks Insta: @becks_919

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