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BarRat & Jess

Waking you up in the Morning

5-9am Weekdays

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Jess’ Bio

– as written by BarRat

Where do I start with Jess? Maybe with all the stuff she’s told us already on the show.

She didn’t have electricity till she was 18. Played Lawn bowls, almost made it onto the Australian side for the Comm Games but slept in/was hungover/missed the bus/alarm didn’t go off due to the no electricity thing? Can play the spoons ( yes as in the thing you eat your cereal with), debatable if she’s any good at it. Her Mum plays the gumleaf (much better than Jess’ spoon playing).

She once woke up in a strangers house and stole $20 (to get a taxi.. old skool days) and a packet of bbq shapes.

Lived overseas in the Maldives where a coconut once knocked her out (or did she do a radio show from underneath a coconut tree? I cant remember).

She goes for Carlton in the AFL and doesn’t watch NRL (but she’ll always say she goes for whoever Manly are playing against just to piss me off).

Jess worked for 6 weeks as a tv reporter, but due to always getting facts WRONG, moved on (details aren’t really her “thing”).

Has the heart the size of phar lap’s (Phar Lap’s heart weighs 6.35 kilograms. This is more than 1.5 times the weight of an average thoroughbred racehorse heart, which weighs 3–4 kilograms), so it’s important not to get her too excited.

Jess has two kids, a partner (sorry lads), is a wine connoisseur, loves tomato sauce on ANYTHING (it makes it a little “gourmet”) and her work login password is “BarRatsABloodyTopGuy”


BarRat’s’ Bio

– as written by Jess
Hi Im BarRat and I love taking selfies. If you talk to me face to face I’ll deny it, but I’d like to give you some examples and tell you a little about myself through my series of amazing selfies.

Thanks so much for looking at my bio …… if you want to follow my Instagram account for more selfies please follow bar_rat
Toodles xxxxxx


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