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Storm Emergency Preparation

Everything you need to know to prepare your storm emergency and evacuation kits.

For many emergencies you may be able to ‘shelter in place’. This could be at home or at work. If so, your ability to securely see out the emergency will be greatly increased if you have an emergency or evacuation kit.

You need to take the time to prepare an emergency and evacuation kit well ahead of any impending disaster.

Emergency Kit Checklist

Fresh water for three days
Three days worth of non-perishable food and can opener
First aid kit
Portable radio
Sturdy gloves
Spare batteries for radio, torch and mobile phone
Essential medication
Mobile phone and charger
Important documents in sealed bags and cash
Baby formula and nappies
Waterproof bags

Include items you will need for at least three days. There could be disruption to essential services such as power and water supplies. Also, include the equipment you’ll need to prepare meals with no power.

Keep your kit in a waterproof storage container and store in an easy-to-access location. Check your kit every three months to stock up and rotate supplies to ensure provisions are fresh and safe to use.

Download the printable emergency kit checklist from the Sunshine Coast Councils website.

Evacuation Kit Checklist

Sleeping bag
Kids toys/entertainment
Warm clothes
Valuables and mementos
Essential medication
Mobile phone and charger
Important documents in sealed bags and cash
Baby formula and nappies

Preparing an evacuation kit now can save you time and stress in the event of cyclone, storm tide, flood or tsunami. Being prepared in advance is very helpful if you live in a low-lying coastal area or an area prone to flooding.

Download the printable evacuation kit checklist from the Sunshine Coast Councils website.

When you evacuate, ensure that you take your:

  • emergency kit
  • evacuation kit
  • emergency plan.

The most current versions of these fact sheets are available on the Emergency Management Queensland website.

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