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Kanye West To Be Honored At The MTV VMA’s

Kanye West will receive The Michael Jackson Video Vanguard Award t the MTV VMA’s.


Tkay Maidza, Hermitude & Justice Crew Backstage At Snowtunes Festival

We caught up with Tkay Maidza, Hermitude and Solo from Justice Crew backstage at Snowtunes Festival in Jindabyne. One quick question blitz later, and we know the last time they cried; whether they prefer pizza or fries; and what they're least proud of.


Chris Brown Shocks Fans With Intense New Tattoo

Chris Brown has received hate over his intense new tattoo! Check it out here..


22 Common Phrases You've Been Saying Wrong Your Whole Life

There’s a chance that you’ve been saying some words and/or phrases wrong your entire life.


There’s A Caitlyn Jenner Halloween Costume And It’s Not Okay

Someone has discovered that there’s a Caitlyn Jenner Halloween costume and it hasn’t gone down too well and we can understand why.


Why Has Justin Bieber Been Banned From Doing Live Interviews?

Justin Bieber’s new single ‘What Do You Mean’ is about to get released, but apparently Justin isn’t allowed to do any live interviews to promote it.


Amy Schumer’s Priceless Twitter Showdown

Amy Schumer absolutely won Twitter with a single post. This is LOL x 100.


The New Eyebrow Trend That You Will Either Love Or Hate

A particular eyebrow trend is making a comeback… and while some love it, some people are just not fans!


One Direction Reveal Why They’re Going On A Hiatus

One Direction have made the decision we’ve all been dreading…


Mel Gibson Unleashes On Aussie Photograper

Aussie actor Mel Gibson is at it again! The Oscar-winner has shoved a news photographer and unleashed a tirade of abuse at her!


Beyoncé Has Been Hiding A Secret For Over A Year…And We Only Just Realised

Beyoncé is featured on the cover of Vogue's September issue. Normally when an artist is on the cover, an interview goes with it, but not Beyoncé.


Student Chooses To Live On A Train After Fight With Her Landlord

A 23-year-old German student has decided to give up stationary, permanent living and move herself into a TRAIN! And to be honest... It doesn't sound like a half bad idea!


Here’s Why Planes Have Ashtrays Even Though Smoking On Flights Is Illegal

Turns out there’s a really good reason planes have ashtrays in the bathrooms even though smoking has been banned on flights…


Woman Live Tweets A Couple’s Bizarre Break-Up On The Plane

Breaking up with your significant other is already a difficult thing… so why would you do it on a plane, in a confined space, where you’re stuck for hours?!


Lindsay Lohan Is Getting Sued … Again

Lindsay Lohan hasn’t really had the best luck with the law, she is now back in trouble and is getting sued by her former driver.


Why Did Justin Bieber Direct-Message Fans?

The Plot Thickens On “What Do You Mean?”


There’s A New Baby Name Trend And We’re Not Sure How To Feel!

Since 2013, 103 baby girls in England and Wales alone have been blessed(?) with a particular name I'm sure you've all heard before.


Sydney's Ashley Madison Cheaters Revealed

It turns out there are more Ashley Madison cheaters living in Sydney than any other Australian city!


TV Shows Without Their Laughing Tracks Just Aren’t As Funny

Have you ever watched Friends or The Big Bang Theory without the laughing in the background? Well, it changes everything when you do…


Kelly Clarkson: “I’m Totally Pregnant”

Singer’s On-Stage Announcement


Who Is The Highest Paid Actress In The World?

These Leading Ladies Are Loaded!


These Work Horror Stories Will Make You Appreciate Your Job

This Reddit thread titled “What was your “I don’t get paid enough for this sh*t moment?”” will make you feel a whole lot better about your work situation.


Megan Fox And Brian Austin Green Have Reportedly Split

Megan Fox and husband Brian Austin Green have apparently split after 5 years of marriage and 11 years together.


NSFW: Woman With 30-Pound Boobs Gets Extremely Risky Breast Reduction

Dee Stein, a woman from Las Vegas with 30-pound breast implants recently underwent surgery on E!'s "Botched" to have a "nearly impossible" reduction.


Is This The Cutest Moment In Sport Ever?

A mum lost her 4-year-old son during a charity football game between New South Wales and Queensland and you won’t believe where he ended up!


Why Is Kelly Clarkson Singing About Tinder?

Kelly Clarkson was on live US TV last night when she decided to sing about Tinder profiles. Wait, what?


Cheaters Exposed After Hackers Release Online User Information

The largest online cheating website, Ashley just got hacked and the user info is out!


The Real Reason Why Guys Send Pics Of Their Manhood…

A question I've always wondered is: "if I haven't requested one... why on Earth would a guy think I want to see a photo of his erect penis?" Surprise penis is NOT a fun game, EVEN if it's behind a screen on my phone. In my eyes, if it's unrequested, it's UNWANTED! So why, oh why, do men continue to send D pics? Well, we finally have the answers.


Is Virgin’s Inflight Messaging System More Effective Than Tinder?

Virgin Airlines have an in-flight messaging system... originally created so that passengers who were seated away from their friends or family could still talk. Although, this particular feature allows you to talk to complete strangers on the plane as well... And as you can imagine, the results are hilarious!


Turns Out Your Phone Could Be Damaging Your Mind - But Not In The Way You Think

Apparently too much Phone and Internet usage can make us a little forgetful


You Won’t Believe What This Guy Did For His Taxi Driver

This guy was travelling through Abu Dhabi when he got chatting with his Taxi driver.


Iggy Azalea Reveals Embarrassing Habit From Her Younger Days!

In an exclusive interview with Hamish & Andy, Iggy let the boys in on a secret about her past... and it's a little bit naughty.